Toilet Time For Vickie’s

As discussed, Limited Brands Inc. has indeed sold off it’s namesake brand:

Limited, based in Columbus, Ohio, has been shifting its focus over the last decade, away from apparel and toward lingerie and beauty products, where it sees better growth opportunities. It purchased Canadian lingerie retailer La Senza Corp. in January, and it plans to expand Victoria’s Secret internationally.

But divesting its apparel chains leaves Limited more vulnerable to downturns at Victoria’s Secret or Bath & Body Works. In its fiscal first quarter ended May 5, Limited’s overall net income dropped 47%, hurt by markdowns that eroded profits. The retailer said weak product launches at Victoria’s Secret hurt that division, and it expects continued soft sales at the brand this summer.

Don’t you just love articles which point to all the actions which the company could should have taken? But the dumb company leaves the solutions as roads not taken and not only sells off hunks of itself, leaving itself vulnerable, but continues to make the same mistakes with the parts they “see better growth opportunities” in.

I just love watching Vickie’s demise. Perverse, I know.

If Vickie’s isn’t quite circling the bowl, not quite ready to be flushed yet, well, it’s damn close. I’d love to at least jiggle the handle.

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