Of Pretty Maids & Begging Questions

All my pretty maids are in a row right now, each thinking about recycling or creating things via vintage things.

On Sunday, Deanna dished with crafty devils at Etsy, posing the question: Crafting Vs. Collecting: Repurposed Art, Environmentalist Recycling, Or Criminal Act?

I wasn’t going to post it here (because I had mentioned it here already and I don’t like to replicate and bore you all), but then Roxanne (who finally started her own fabulous blog, Cheetah Velour) sent me these links and I figured something must be in the air…

Here’s how to turn a vintage bra into a wristlet.

And should you be wondering what to do with the rest of the bra, here’s how to make it into an eye mask.

Roxanne said, “I only wish there was a photo of someone wearing the bra eye mask!” And I completely concur. (With my bras, well, I’d either still have lots of material left over or the majority of my head covered in the eye mask lol)

I post them here for two reasons: A) there’s no reason why you couldn’t do these projects using a modern bra, and B) because I’d like to hear your thoughts… What do you think of altering vintage lingerie in such ways? Should it be done?

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