Things Arrive In The Mail; Blogging Is Required

Due to a belated — and much appreciated — birthday gift from Dearest David, I have now been inspired to start a new category of linkage at the A Slip of a Girl. So look for “Slip Suitors, Sugar Daddies & Paramours” to arrive this weekend as well as other sidebar changes.

Also, real diamonds arrived in the mail — not for me, but for you dharlinks who choose to enter the next Slip of a Girl contest.

(Please excuse my paw unpolished fingernails; I was too excited to wait until after I did my manicure to take the photo.)

“What?! What contest, Slip?” you say… And I must reply, “Wait and see.”

Yes, I am a horrid little tease, but I’m still finishing all the final details. So just drool, why don’t you, while I work on the contest announcement for which this stunning diamond necklace is the prize.

Oh, and while you wait, feel free to play with the goodies on the sidebar. There are people to meet, sponsors to support, surveys to take, and some voting to do… If you have not done so, I’d really appreciate it. :batting lashes:

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