Psst, My Lingerie Talks To Me… Does Yours?

Obviously my lingerie speaks to me, but what tales do others tell?

Wordarium wrote:

Still, I do wear the matching set of leopard-print boy-cut undies with front~closure bra that she gave me; they tickle my funny bone. Every time I put them on, I’m reminded of silver~screen “Jungle Queen” B-movie beauties; and I always get this sudden urge to run outside in my undies, find some poor innocent victim wearing a safari shirt, cling flutteringly to his chest saying, Big mBumba say, him no kill! then, heaving a deep and thrilling sigh, feebly press the back of my trembling, exquisitely manicured hand to my feverish forehead just before swanning into his arms in a decadently submissive swoon…

The Craic In My Psyche writes:

I own five pairs of “inspirational undies.” Some people have Day-of-the-Week undies, I have “inspirational” ones. I’ll be having a bad day at work (which is basically everyday) or feeling down about myself. I go into the bathroom, lift up my skirt and see the happy little message on my undies telling me “You are intelligent.” “Yes,” I think to myself. “You are intelligent, Lil.” Sometimes, this is what gets me through the day. Other times, however, I feel that the undies are mocking me, their messages ironic. I lock the stall door in my office bathroom, hungover from the night before. When I lift up my skirt, my undies tell me “You are beautiful.” I have black rings under my eyes and my frizzy hair is tied up in a knot. I look like hell. I flip my underwear the middle finger as I struggle to stay upright. Today, my undies read “You are funny.” I tend to agree.

I’ve asked her to tell us where to find such affirmational unmentionables… I hope she replies!

Of course, there’s UnderDares, the panties which tell others what to do.

But that’s for part two. Meanwhile, please tell me, what does your underwear say to you?

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