Tennis Players’ Knickers Get Others In Knots

I don’t follow tennis, so I don’t know what the real fuss is about all the ‘hotpants.’ Based on what I’ve read at this link sent to me by Bill Turlock (who apparently can spot a panty headline as well as a panty line *wink*), I’m gathering that what folks are complaining about is that ‘kids today’ are wearing panties which are too big and too colorful.

Ana Ivanovic’s revealing hotpants were white

Under Wimbledon’s strict dress code, tennis clothing must be predominately white, but coloured underwear can be worn under tennis dresses – as long as the dress hem covers it.

Emmanuelle Gagliargi, who wears briefs, apparently is the poster girl for modest lingerie. Here she sports what I’ll dub The Wimbledon Wedgie, which is apparently approved of in more ways than one.

Emmanuelle Gagliardi’s pants may be brief but the effect is definitely hot

I’d think ‘Wimbledon’s tradition’ and proper decorum would be most pleased with panties which show less skin and do less riding. It’s certainly more modest than to publicly dig in one’s behind to remove panties from your crevasse.

While the article mentions Serena Williams, there are no photos of her. So let’s look at the SI 2003 photo again.

I don’t know about you, but just imagining that’s what Serena looks like under her prim, white, Wimbledon tennis outfit makes me feel all tingly. Is that part of the Wimbledon tradition too? *wink* Even if it’s not, you can’t legislate what people think or fantasize (take a cue from the US, they’re trying and it’s not working).

But the ladies deserve to be comfortable. We aren’t worried about or policing the men’s tidy whities and whatnot. “Emmanuelle Gagliardi’s pants may be brief but the effect is definitely hot” — Would we write this about a man?

Let the athletes play. Let them be comfortable. And let me imagine what I want.

Except for this:

Is it just me, or does Tatiana Golovin have a ball in her panties — literally? Is that standard practice?

I’m guessing it is because while the color and style are ‘outrageous’, there was no mention of the ball. Or how’d she’d get it out… More proof that the Brits like women diggin’ in their panties. As long as at Wimbledon they are white and brief.

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