I’m Girly; I’m Squirrelly

Bunny, who hasn’t even put me on her sidebar yet :pout: has tagged me for another one of these meme things.

Haven’t I already told you virtually every little thing about me? lol Well, here’s seven more.

1 My favorite color is purple, but it’s the color I have least of in lingerie; I just can’t find much in that color. I blame the patriarchy — too many men in the lingerie business who push for red and black.

2 When I was a little girl I had quite a few Barbie dolls, but I don’t think my play with them was normal. Play went either one of these two ways:

a) I spent all my time dressing them up (and making them dresses out of grandma’s hankies was my specialty) then arranged them in a vignette, but then I just sat and looked at them. I might fix a few things that didn’t seem to fit perfectly with the story in my head. But then I put them all away. They didn’t move or converse at all. More like snap-shots or stills rather than a movie.


b) I did strange things to them. Sexual things. Things I cannot type because I am blushing so profusely I may cry. Let’s just say it involved Babs’ breasts and the tops of acorns (called “boob spiders”) and leave it at that. (And the dolls did have conversations then…)

3 I like to dance a lot. I don’t go out ‘clubbing’ any more, really. So most of my dancing is at home, or in less likely public places — like at Wal-Mart. I’ll hear a song, maybe just in my own head, and I’ll dance. You’d think hubby would frown and distance himself from me, but he likes to watch my bottom wriggle around. (The kids on the other hand, they just stare at me. You’d think they’d be used to it by now.)

4 I lost my official or medical virginity when I was about 10, falling off my bike; I bled and that’s the only thing I broke (not even my skin). I lost my status as a virgin to the old ‘wet thumb’ belief at 19. (Not as uncommon as I once thought.) I lost my emotional virginity later that week when I agreed to let him do it. And again with several other relationships… For emotional virginity is one cherry that never quite pops, especially when you are young and believe what men say, which is what you want to hear, which is what you sort of force them to say, which means they are sort of robbed too, I think.

5 I believe in reincarnation, live with an atheist, and teach my kids about any/all faiths — including his non-faith. This can be tricky when visiting cemeteries, which is one of my favorite things to do, because the children will ask what happens when you die and I cannot bear to tell them that others, including beloved hubby, believe you are just worm meat.

6 In advertisements, I am far more drawn towards illustrations than photographs. For example, lingerie drawn on a woman created with unrealistic proportions is fantasy; photos of unrealistic bodies is disturbing.

7 While I love vintage glamour, I am decidedly happy to be able to choose when and where I apply it. Waking in the morning to put on girdles, stockings, heels and a full face of makeup does not suit running after small boys, completing all my errands quickly, taking huge baskets of laundry up and down the stairs, enjoying pets which greet you with happiness and love, etc.

I’m supposed to tag seven others, but Miss Angela won’t ever play again, I’ve already bent Gracie‘s arm this week, SPS rarely does these things because she keeps to her blog theme damn-near compulsively, and most of you regulars don’t have blogs… Who does that leave?

:tapping perfectly manicured fingernails on desk:

I tag: Neely, Smut Girl, A Margarita, Sweat Shop Sissy, Melanie, vt, and Mercy.

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