Don’t Hate Me In The Morning…

From Gracie’s Show & Tell Adult Meme: Q & A For One Edition

What’s one question you’ve been expecting to be asked at your blog which has never been asked?

How I can possibly wear vintage lingerie when I’ve got such large ‘girls’ — 36 DD’s (or E’s) aren’t standard now, or then. *wink*


Because it’s a legit question.

Answer it.

Bras are difficult, but slips and gowns can be quite accommodating. And yes, I’ve had a few pieces taken in at the waist etc. to make them fit nicely.

What’s one question you’ve wanted to ask your readers, but never have?

If I were to be a PSO, would any of you pay to talk to me?

Why not?

‘Cuz I’m a bit shy to mention it as I’m not sure I would do it anyway… But it’s been on my mind off and on…

Blame the wine cooler I’m drinking now (so that I can actually fall asleep — did I mention I’m an insomniac? *wink*) for the bravado… I don’t know what your excuse is if you reply to my question!

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