TMI, Anyone?

From TMI Tuesday #89:

1. Does the carpet match the drapes?

Yes. :blush: (Why am I blushing over that here? lol)
2. Have you ever used personal information about someone to blackmail them?

No. I’m not that kind of bad.

Well, maybe I am.

I do blackmail hubby that I will do the little things that I know from experience will annoy him if he won’t massage my back. :p

3. What is your favorite thing to lick?

Ice cream, in a cone. (Licking out of a bowl would be… icky. And sticky. And likely decrease my invitations to ice cream socials.)

Anything else would actually be sucked more than licked. *wink*

4. Have you ever had sex in a place of worship? (i.e., church, temple, mosque, etc.)

I don’t enter those places often enough to even think of that. lol

5. If you watch video porn, do you buy it in a store, from a catalog, online, or download it? LINK!!! ;)

Wow. This, of course, brings up the Great Erotica Vs. Porn Debate.

For the sake of argument, I’ll define ‘porn’ (in this one case) as anything where people screw on film. Because I’m rather selective, all my shopping of this sort is done online — and even then I can’t (as of yet) find all of what I want in any one place. My top 2 picks are:

The Sex Kitten Boutique where I got most of my classics and favorites from Libido.

And because Girdle Love completely won me over, Bill Turlock’s LLAPA makes the list.

Bonus (as in optional): How often, if ever, do you “fake it?”

Nevah. Evah.

Why fake it when you can have it??!

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