Show & Tell Meme

Show us one post of which you are most proud/most pleased, but which received no comments.

Keeping things recent and all, I’d say I’m most surprised at no comments to this post — not that I’m proud of it, but…

Tell us what you expected to hear/read.

That I was a complete idiot not to buy those two girdles. :sigh:

Show us one blog you are jealous of or wish to emulate.

Trying to resist my Gemini impulses not to list more than one, I’ll go with Sex-Kitten (because it has multiple bloggers — am I sorta cheating? :grin:)

Tell us why.

Because it rocks!

Want to play along? It doesn’t matter if you’re too late to “whine on Wednesday.” (It didn’t bother me lol) Here’s how:

1) Post your replies in your blog — be sure to link to this post.

2) Then return here (and there) to post your name and the URL to your post.

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