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My replies to TMI Tuesday #88:

1. If you were to face the Wizard of Oz, would you want more courage, more brains, or more heart?

That question implies I have deficits… I’d say that one can always use more of each, but I’d choose more brains.

2. Have you ever gone to court for anything? What for?

My divorce.

3. What was the last thing you did that you previously told yourself you wouldn’t do?

Likely it was some purchase… I don’t recall it specifically as it’s a too common occurrence. *wink*

4 Did you ever have a summer fling while on vacation?

Sure… Like the above, a rather common occurrence (when single). Even if I didn’t travel much, there was always a fling. That’s part of the ‘vacation’ part. However, my favorite story is a fling not taken…

When I was young, barely-legal young, I went with my college roommate to the Bahamas. One night we went to the hotel’s ‘club’. It was small — very small. It had a two drink minimum in lieu of a cover charge for its entertainment. We sat near the front, each of us with our pink rum drink (all the drinks are rum drinks, and no matter the name or color, taste the same). On stage was something we two sheltered girls from the Midwest had never seen.

Billed as some sort of magic show with acrobatics, it was really not much more than scantily-clad oiled bodies in erotic poses. Nearly nude men eating flaming sticks, ladies bending unnaturally and using their limbs to lock onto the men eating sticks on fire, women who did things to and with hula hoops that only hula hoop fetishists can dream of, and so on.

I don’t know what you’d call it. We called it The Sex Circus.

I was rather mesmerized.

It must have shown. Or perhaps we were just too pretty sitting there. Whatever it was, The Ring Leader, one Alexander Romeo, came to our table after the first show. He sat himself down and after a few basic pleasantries, “How did we like the show?”, he proceeded to sell me on joining his show. He wooed with statements like, “You have the body of a dancer,” “You would elevate the show to new heights,” “I’ll pay you $600 a week,” and “I’d be happy to train you myself, even if the other female performers get jealous — they will be jealous of your beauty anyway.” I was shocked. Too shocked for words really.

Taking my silence thinking it all over, he told us how the show was to be playing next week on another island and that he’d take us both via private plane to the other island to practice for the week — it would be perfectly safe, his cousin was the chief of police on this island.

At this point my friend/roommate is actually showing interest! So Alexander Romeo waves across the room and introduces his cousin, the police chief. I’m flabbergasted. Things were moving so fast.

I made an excuse about visiting the ladies’ room and grabbed my roommate as I left the table. It was there I told her how stupid she was being. She thought I was the nutty one. “Having the chief of police along make the whole thing safe,” she declared.

I told her that first of all, we had no proof he was the chief of police — and no, a badge was meaningless because we had no idea what one should look like. In the second place, if he was part of the police department and we disappeared on some puddle jumper en route to another island, who would be investigating our disappearance? It took me quite a long time to sober her up with those facts. But when we returned to the table, the two men were still there. We had quite a time not getting them to personally escort us to our room, ‘safely.’ But eventually we did get away.

We didn’t go into the hotel’s bar again — just in case Alexander Romeo or his cousin never left for that other island.

But I’ll never forget that night. Or the name Alexander Romeo.

5. Have you ever done anything sexual with someone who’s name you never knew?

“Anything sexual” is pretty open… I’ve flirted without knowing any names. And I’ve done all sorts of nasty things without knowing any last names. But I’ve known at least a first name when having sex — of course there’s always the possibility that they lied about their name anyway. *wink*

Bonus (as in optional): What is the best way to mend a broken heart?

The only way I know is to keep busy. Do the things you love to do — especially those things he/she didn’t like to do. Enjoy your hobbies, your friends, your time with yourself. Do things for other people — it keeps you busy, reminds you that others have troubles too and it reminds you of your worth as a good person.

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