Vintage Lovelies: Things I Didn’t Buy

We went to some antique shops this weekend. Even with a very limited budget, I did buy a few things. But I have to take photos of them yet. Meanwhile, here are the things I didn’t buy (but snuck photos of).

First this lovely old peachy-pink all-in-one knit piece, with satin insets at the cups.

It still had it’s original store/stock tag. It was pretty to be sure, but at $30, with the garters so brittle, I passed. (I already have too many ‘museum’ pieces; I wanted something I could use!)

Also, a pretty pair of pink satin slippers with large rosettes above the toes.

It was located next to this retro game called “The Bride Game” — I didn’t even look at the price tag on that one. (Though I did kick myself afterwards for not making the time to look it over — but we had the kids along and they can be very impatient.)

Also, this vintage Cutex tin, with some (maybe all?) of it’s vintage nail care contents.

It was pretty, but at $19.50 I worried I’d just be starting another collection. I must concentrate on lingerie… Which isn’t so hard to do. Unless you’re funds are limited. (Arg!)

The big heart breaker was this vintage all-in-one girdle by Charmade — with it’s original paper packaging (like a sleeve or mailer). Too small, with more brittle garters, I told myself ‘no’ — so did my wallet — but whined about it all the way home.

That’s the one that got away. :sigh:

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