Panties In My Email

I received the following vintage full-cut nylon panties in my email…


Although I am a male I am an avid reader of your web site. You do a fantastic job. Hope you and your site continue for a long time.

The main reason I am writing to you is that I am an collector of Vintage Lingerie and I have a problem that I am hoping you or your readers might help me with. I have a nice vintage pair of panties, picture attached, that I purchased in a thrift shop several years ago. They are in like new condition, pure white, with the pillow tab closure on the waist elastic, and a double nylon gusset. My problem is in the maker. I have heard of and am familiar with most all makers of vintage lingerie but I have not been able to find maker of these panties. I have searched the net hi and low without success thus I am turning to you and your readers for help in finding out a little about the maker. The label is: WOLVERINE. I do not know if you put our feelers for information on things like this but if you do and could I would be most grateful. Again Great Site and Keep up the good work.


Who can resist such flattery? Not I. Nor, I bet, any of you vintage lingerie lovers and collectors. *wink* So if you know anything about Wolverine lingerie and/or Winkler fabric, please do share your knowledge!

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