Thank You, Sir, May I Have Another?

Since I (we?) had so much fun with the TMI post, here are my replies to Journal, You Blushing Ladies (And Gents):

When’s the last time you flirted with a stranger?

In person? Hm, that would be yesterday at the grocery store checkout. The poor teen-aged bag boy got a (well-perfected) combination smile and eye brow move (not a wiggle, just a slight lift — otherwise it’s corny) — instantly followed by a lowering of the lashes and turning slightly away. Then, just a few seconds later, a cautious turn back, a furtive look, and another turn away. Feeling his eyes are still on me, I turned and give him a grand smile on my way out.

There’s a lot of steps involved, hence the ‘well-perfected’ statement; but one must keep in the game. A wife never knows when she’ll need to employ such tactics to get her husband’s attention — and this works much better than a negative or commanding set of cues. (Like dogs, men are only reluctant to come when Mistress is angry… Come Hither works much better.)

Did they blush? Did you?

He sure did. Beet red. I probably did. Flirting — and the desired reaction — will do that to me. *wink*

How did you feel?

Fantastic, of course. I mean it’s nice to be noticed, even nicer to take it up a notch. And he wins too. (Another MILF fantasy is born! lol)

Did you do anything about it ~ masturbation, taking that heat to your partner counts!

Hmmm… Hubby and I did have sex last night. That’s not unusual or anything, but I’m sure the power of flirtation put me in the mood.

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