No More Nipple Slips (Part One)

Wearing vintage bras rather eliminates the worries, but it will limit your fashion options. For those who follow trendy styles there are still ways to keep your nipples from showing.

Dimrs are for headlights on high-beam (‘dimmers’, if you will). Made of silicone, these small skin tone disks (in two shades) are washable and re-usable. Not only to they keep the headlights from sending beams (which pull folks in like tractor beams on spaceships), but they keep the areola from being noticed beneath light colored or sheer tops. Dimrs are thicker in the middle and gradually thin out to the edges so they don’t leave any obvious circle lines either.

Dimrs do not use adhesive, just lightly wet them and stick them on and your body heat creates/maintains the bond. Should you really be worried the company also makes NipStick which uses an adhesive.

There are also variations on this theme of silicone nipple covers, including fun shapes such as hearts and lips. (The emphasis here seems to be on ‘fun’ rather than being discreet under clothing, which seems more appropriate for dancers and nude sunbathers than for the average Josephina to wear to work or at the family barbecue.)

Re-usable silicone seems like a good idea, but should you prefer more temporary help, there always are good old band aids (used for years by many actresses and other performers).

A single bandage may be good to cover the nips, but for the darker colored areolas several bandages would be required — but now Lauren Silva makes 100% Nylon Tricot nipple covers.

Lauren et all do not state so, but these are one use only nipple covers (the 25 per pack is a clue, yes? lol)

These are applied with tape and note that this should be tested prior to use (and those with sensitive skin are advised not to try them at all).

For the more exhibitionist types, there are plenty of fashion options for these temporary nipple covers. Pastease ® (billing themselves as “the sexy, new alternative to a bikini top”) even has waterproof versions.

Will the cops give me a ticket for wearing my Pastease® in public?
No. In most states the law says that as long as your areolas are covered your safe from harrassment by law enforcement.

They even sell ridiculously small minis, which obviously are not going to save you from the cops. *wink*

Also according to their website, Pastease can be reused with the new Pastease Refills.

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