Alexander The Poet: Humor Is Always Sexy

Alexander The Poet, aka ATP, sent me this photo of one of his performances, saying:

At a recent gig, I decided to read a ‘cover poem’ which was about panties. And I figured it made perfect sense, to wear panties during it! (While at the same time, providing a great excuse for it as well)

The only thing I regret is not letting my hair down because I think I would’ve looked hotter. Oh well.

I suppose you can categorize it in Crossdressing For Art, LOL

I love the pants puddled around his ankles lol

But in order for you to decide if he should have had his hair down, you need a photo of that, right?

So here’s a video of ATP reading one of his works, If My Face Was Between Your Legs. Before you click to play, make sure your volume is turned all the way up because it’s very quiet. (ATP says, “I guess it could’ve been louder but it would look cheesy if I had that little mic near my face.” Plus, he’d have to like clip it to his chest hair or something! lol)

(Now I remind you to turn your volume back down so you don’t blow your eardrums out. *wink*)

Alexander is always saying, “I Don’t Suffer For My Art, People Who Listen To It Do!” (it’s even his email signature), but I’d say with panties, who suffers? *wink*

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