Piddling About

I’m piddling around at the other blog — the one I’ve stopped and started, stopped and started, but now think I’ll stick with (again). Don’t worry, I’ll neither forget nor neglect this blog. Like momma says, “Just cuz there’s a new baby, it doesn’t mean she loves her other children any less.” But there’s stuff, girly stuff, that just doesn’t seem to fit here and I’d still like to mention it… So why not another blog?

The whole house is asleep and no one’s here to bother me as I busy myself deleting old stuff I don’t care about, shopping, and well, piddling about.

It’s also a nice distraction from some writing I should be doing. Ah, but the deadline isn’t until next week, so piddle about I do.

Since I’m up so late there’s no question I’ll be the last to get up in the morning. What’s a nightime piddler to do to keep them all from trying to wake me? Wear this “Piss Off” sleeping mask, of course.

Pity I don’t have it for tomorrow. But one day I shall. (Meanwhile, maybe I should tape a note with those sentiments to my forehead before I go to bed?)

So, don’t be surprised if I post a bunch here tonight too. I’m just having a grand old time. Why sleep when you can piddle about the Internet?

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