Bally Who?

No, No! It’s Ballyhoo, sillies.

You might think I found Ballyhoo Vintage via their lingerie department, but no; t’was their aprons.

Look at this three-tier ruffle number and tell me that’s not fabulous — go ahead, I dare you.

Made for topless twirling on my way to the fridge for some Cool-Whip, I’d say.

And this one is so fancy… I imagine dinner parties every night. (Imagined yes, for I do not wish to cook for them. Perhaps I could wear it as the caterer arrives?)

But yes, kiddos, Ballyhoo also has sweet vintage underthings, for that other sort of entertaining at home…

This pink and black sheer nylon nightie is sexy in that more demure way. (I purr just looking at it.)

And this “Doesn’t Slip” Slip is quite pretty, as well as practical. A true teddy, this is designed as a foundation garment, not a piece of play wear (tho try to stop him when it’s on!).

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