Sugar Daddy’s Pop

When hubby and I were dating, I bought him boxers a lot.

I did so for three reasons:

A) Being in love and prone to giving tokens of affection, I naturally turned to intimate apparel.

B) He was the first guy I ‘had’ who wore boxers, and it was quite a novelty to do so.

And C), He confessed his mother often still bought his underwear (which was a bit of a turn off, right girls?)

Smitten with shopping for boxers, I looked for the unusual as well as the sexy. When I found on eBay sales samples of Twinkie boxers I naturally purchased them. (What could have more possibilities for innuendo than something with sweet creme filling in his pants?)

Well, I also found (from the same seller) Sugar Daddy boxers.

(Note how hubby’s have a purple background rather than the red which is still being sold at WebUndies.)

Now the Sugar Daddy pops are one of our little inside jokes because like the Twinkie boxers they have multiple meanings.

So when I awoke this morning and found a Sugar Daddy at my desk I knew something sweet was up…

Next to it was a note, reminding me he would be gone all day to help an out of town client with their computers (as they are a retail outlet, and closed on Sundays, this is the only day they can have all the registers, servers and whatnot down for maintenance). Also on the note, a post script saying, “This should keep you busy until you can enjoy the real one.”

Of course, it wasn’t just a treat — it was a promise. But a promise I’d have to wait for.

I managed to leave it alone until the kids went to bed…

Then I opened it and began to lick and suck the tip…

But this only resulted in my imagining the better offer and well, need I spell it all out? *wink*

Now I was completely aroused. In fact, more than aroused, I was frustrated. I began to nibble off the end. But that was also a bit scary (men, you’re with me, right? lol). So I resumed sucking.

It takes quite a bit of time to finish a Sugar Daddy candy pop. If you are only sucking and licking it takes a very long time. And if you are a horny housewife alone waiting for her husband to return home to pleasure her, well, it seems like hours and hours.

He’s due home in less than a half-hour.

All I can say is that he’d better last longer than the Sugar Daddy because while I’m ready to go, I deserve the same amount of time from his stick as I put into that candy one.

My Sugar Daddy had better not pop too soon.

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