Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful

Before Kelly LeBrock, there was Triumph lingerie spouting the same message.

if you dare to hated by women…
glide inside the world’s most beautiful fashion
foundations Distinctions by Triumph of Europe

Apparently, women not only hate other women for their beauty — but we want to be hated too. “Be hated, buy this!”

I know envy can be a strong motivation, but when it’s so damn direct it’s so alarming. Marketing strong-arming.

And a canon as our weapon? Gee, if we’re playing the catty-card, shouldn’t we be sweetly pouring her poisoned tee? Or a cocktail. Our MO is proffering her the poisoned apple. The big canon is not only too violent, but too large. And phallic. It’s the weapon of an insecure man (one who certainly is over-compensating), not that of a woman.

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