The Bear Bra Facts

Flipping through some vintage magazines, as a lady such as myself oft finds herself doing, I find interesting things. Here’s one of them, from Woman’s Day, February, 1954:

Now just what the hell does a polar bear have to do with a bra?

My first thought, as a Lost fan, was that this is about as surreal as those polar bears on Lost… Prompting the logical question, “What is the polar bear doing here?!”

So I read the ad copy:

I dreamed I was an Eskimo in my maidenform bra.

Guess whose figure is going around in Arctic circles!
It’s mine and it’s marvelous —
so sleek and smooth, so fabulously curved —
who ever dreamed the bear facts could be so beautiful!
Here on top of the world we know
what makes the world go round
…it’s Maidenform.

Well, other than some belabored puns, what was the point again?

Am I crazy? Am I supposed to see a polar bear, think Eskimo, and then say to myself, “Hm, you know what I need? A nice cold bra. Yessiree, a nice frigid bra for me!”

Did the copywriters get paid per pun?

Were they so desperate to use “Arctic circles,” “bear facts,” and “top of the world” that they decided they’d create a campaign to fit the poor puns rather than sell bras? It’s the Maiden From Brassiere Co., Inc., boys, not the pun shop.

…I wonder, does Ben have something to do with this? *wink*

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