Crotch Shots "Under" Control

Japanese invention to protect your junk from heat-seeking cameras:

Thanks to new “Shot Guard” underwear from Cramer Japan, female athletes, students and children are now protected from infrared photography. Yes indeed, Japan’s legendary “hentai” (perverts) have found a new way to get their jollies: snapping photos of female athletes through their sports wear. It seems that these Bizarro Superman wannabes are adapting the night-function capabilities of ordinary camcorders to take infrared photos of unsuspecting women & children in the daytime. Since infrared radiation (known to us regular folks as heat) is emitted by the skin, the modified cameras can record the surface of said skin. The result is kind of dark and grainy, much like the thoughts of the perverted paparazzi.

I had no idea this was an actual problem…

I was hoping it would mean less photos of celebrity junk, but they just don’t wear panties under their skirts so this clearly won’t help save us from that.

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