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From the “Huh? Files” comes this: Costco: Recalling punching bags stuffed with used underwear since 2005. (Link via Spin Thicket.)

In lingerie biz news, the Limited Brands Inc. is in trouble with reported first-quarter profits falling 46% from a year ago resulting in a lowered second-quarter forecast. The company blames “lower-than-expected sales and margins across its brands, especially at lingerie chain Victoria’s Secret.” Yet, the company is “exploring the possibility of selling off its namesake stores, which would effectively end its apparel business and leave it with just lingerie and personal care products.”

Slip asks: If Vickie’s is the money-maker, why not look at what’s going wrong with it? (Psst, I’m available for consultation.)

In celeb fashion news, Life & Style Magazine has the latest on the stars at Cannes Film Festival.

Featured on the red carpet are Mischa Barton, Rosario Dawson, Angelina Jolie, Claudia Schiffer, Kerry Washington & Sharon Stone. Me likey the heavenly, angelic blue gown Kerry wears. Angelina can wear anything — even yellow (personally, not my favorite shade).

While there, note how Tyra, after all the righteous anger over normal looking women, is hyping her new skinny self — with a diet no less. Et tu, Tyra?

Long-time reader at Huffington, I finally have a reason to link there! Patt Morrison has a nifty piece on vintage fashion. Here’s a fab quote:

It’s about end-running the system, shopping off the grid. The only difference between the “vintage” you see in on the backs of celebs in the fashion mags and the Goodwill stuff in my closet is the middleman, or middle-woman, who does the fun part — the shopping — and charges the markup.

From one off-the-grid girl to another, I agree. (Though we must admit that those folks in the middle have to touch an awful lot of trash to get to the treasures, and they deserve to be paid for that — and for beating me to the punch.)

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