She Almost Slipped Away…

As most of you Glamour Gurlz fans know, Ms Kimberly not only lept over the Big Pond and moved to the UK but she got herself hitched there too.

I’ve emailed with Ms UK Thang a few times, including to say “Congrats!” But the silly woman never told me she switched eBay seller IDs!

So, for those of you who have wondered why her old page had nothing to sell, here’s her new ID, kimberlyvcb_uk. (The sidebar link’s been updated too.) Shame on you, Kimberly; you’ve made us all go cold turkey!

As you can see here, she’s got some exquisite slips for sale now. And new models too. *wink*

According to her “ME” page, she’ll be back in the states in (through?) early June, so your regular favorites will still be appearing.

(I apologize for any typos, but with all this drool, my fingers keep slipping off the keyboard.)

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