Ow! You’re On My Hair!

Perhaps I’m confessing too much, but long hair and sex can be a problem. Sure, it’s lovely to touch (and offers sensual treats) but often as you roll about on the sheets your partner (or yourself) ends up laying on your hair.

I once dated a guy with long hair once — twice the entanglement. Again, I digress.

Alexander the Poet (ATP when he posts comments) sent me this email:

You should start asking for submissions of guys with BSL (bra strap length) hair to submit pics, Obviously they’d have to wear a bra in the pic, and it would be a back shot to showcase the straps. Of course if anyone wants to, they can submit front shots.

I got the idea from a longhair community I’m in where girls always talk about having BSL hair. And I know there are guys that would qualify as well. LOL

Sadly, I think majority of crossdressers wear wigs though.

Just an idea. Personally, I found it kinda cool and kinky, but I guess I’m a freak. LOL

No, Alexander, you aren’t a freak (though you are of the freakish variety I do so enjoy!). I love the idea!

While my hair is currently short, I do recall the days of the bra straps tugging my hair (usually those fine little ones connected to the nape of the neck where it’s so tender to be tugged). I may miss the hair every now and then when I want to play with it, but I do not miss that. However, I would love to see the lads and ladies with their BSL.

So, if you dare… Send in photos of that bra strap length hair. Wig-wearin’ or not. (I’ll allow for a little crafted glamour. *wink*)

(Be sure to include permission for me to post them, and the name you want to be known as!)

Note: Sorry to disappoint you (again), but no, that’s not me in the photo. It’s Agatha Moon. (That photo sure captures my feelings on bra straps and hair *wink*)

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