Get Lost Much?

Photos of Evangeline Lilly in black bra are here because (as if I needed a reason) I’m still so dumb-struck about last night’s Lost season finale.

I knew Lock wasn’t dead. I just knew it. (So this makes me so hope for Charlie!) The ending was absolutely shocking — that for a show that twists and turns so often I sometimes wonder why I watch, why I do this to myself.

I spare you the agony and don’t write about it here because I don’t want to be some pop-culture TV blog — at least not if there’s no lingerie. *wink* (Damn island sans lingerie!) Hence my sparse posts on my other obsession de television, Grey’s Anatomy. I do try to stay on topic…

But I’ve to to say something or I’ll burst!

So if you don’t watch the show, stop reading and just enjoy the pretty pictures. (You can get lost there, right? lol)

For those who do watch, they had us believing that Jack’s off-island scenes were flashbacks — we’ve seen that before, right? And he mentioned his dad was alive… Then, there he is, same bad beard and the same bandage on his forehead — but talking to Kate, saying they should go back!

So this also begs the question of the coffin viewing… Was that Ben’s? I’m guessing it wasn’t Sawyer’s because it looks like he’s the one waiting for her (so she, teary eyed, must leave Jack).

What the hell’s going on?! I wanna know it all — and now.

How long do I have to wait?!

Well, at least we all get to see sexy Evangeline.

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