Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall… Who’s The Vainest Of Them All?

Neely, of Ordinary Gal, also has a gig at Nuts4Chic and one of her duties there is a column called “Blogwatch” where she interviews bloggers — Guess who’s been interviewed there?

Yup, it’s me!

(Does that inteview make my butt look big? Bah, at least it’s smaller than my ego.)

It’s vain enough to point out the interview, but do I dare to actually quote myself?

For such little bits of nylon, satin and lace, lingerie is amazingly complicated stuff.

I guess so. *wink*

That’s so, “Look at me look at me!”

But hey, it’s not all about me; I did mention you all!

Through my blog, I’ve not only discovered that I’m not alone with what my family and friends call “my obsession,” but I’ve also met some wonderful people, too. It’s really because of all of them that I’ve learned so much.

And you know I mean that.

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