Guide To (Many) Vintage Lingerie Makers

From Shelley of sweet*cherry*pop, comes this great guide to vintage lingerie.

She graciously said I could quote her labels list here at the blog, and so I shall. *wink*

I’ve just taken the liberty of arranging in alphabetical order and adding my own information and resources/links. (If I’ve updated in a big way, you’ll see an *. Before a name, the * means I moved the maker from one list to another list; after the name it means I just updated a trifle. ** Means I added it to the lists.)

First, the makers still in production with date they began making lovely lingerie:

Bali ~ 30’s
Barbizon ~ 20’s
** Farr West ~ 1968
Frederick’s of Hollywood ~ 30’s or 40’s
Gilead ~ 50’s
Hollywood Vassarette (Munsingwear) ~ 40’s, still in production just under the name Vassarette (and also part of the Vanity Fair Corp holdings sold to Fruit of the Loom)
** Juel Park ~ 1929 (officially closed in the 80’s, but still exists with custom work)
Komar ~ 50’s
Lily of France ~ late 1800’s (also bought by Vanity Fair and now part of Fruit of the Loom)
** Maidenform ~ 20’s (also makes Oscar de la Renta, Self Expression, True Form Foundations’ Flexees, and Lilyette)
Miss Elaine ~ 40’s
Olga ~ 50’s (still in production, although her nightgowns went out of production in the early 90’s)
* Rago (mostly foundations, and still in production)
** Saybury ~ 30’s (?)
Shadowline ~ 40’s
Val Mode ~ Late 30’s
Vanity Fair ~ 30’s (see more on the company here)
Victoria’s Secret ~ started as a mail order catalog in the 70’s
Warner ~ 30’s (interesting side note, Warner’s invented the A,B,C,D Bra Cup sizing)
Wondermaid ~ 30’s or 40’s

The following are all out of production and great finds:

Artemis (later Gossard merged with Artemis)
Bien Jolie
Cattani of California
Christian Dior (*still produce lingerie)
Deena (not really sure if still in production)
Eye Full Flaum
Fischer Heavenly Lingerie
Gaymode (which is really JCPenneys, but they do not produce the line any longer)
Henson Kickernick (later Kickernick merged with Henson)
Intime of California
Jenelle of California
Lady Leonora
Lady Lynne
Lucie Ann~Claire Sandra
Mary Barron
** Mojud (unsure of status)
Movie Star (Not sure if still in production)
Odette Barsa
Van Raalte

If you know anything more about these lingerie labels/companies, or have others which you demand be on the list, please let me know.

(I will happily post updates!)

Click the images to see the goods *wink*

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