The power went off for over an hour today. (Our neighborhood is an old one with equally old lines, but they won’t replace/repair unless it’s broken — no need to head-off problems and schedule outages, just wait for them appear and surprise customers.)

An hour or two isn’t long, but it puts a big dent in your day. Since it was daylight, I took this as time to read. I felt so naughty reading in the middle of the afternoon! (I may have to do this again before the kids get out of school for the summer.) Naughty or not this unplanned break mucked up my entire day… So you’ll have to wait for proper posts until tomorrow.

While you wait, will you please participate in my Blog Reader Project survey?

If you do, I promise I’ll keep posting the vintage photos — like this cover from a 1968 Nylon Party Magazine. *wink*

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