Wonders Never Cease

… Especially on the Internet — and magically at this blog too!

I’ve been contacted again by another surprising lingerie insider — a man named Roger who used to work for Vanity Fair, back when it was Vanity Fair Mills (just prior to it becoming Vanity Fair Corporation). After returning from Vietnam in 1968, Roger was a regional sales rep in the Beverly Hills area and a designer for Vanity Fair during the 70’s and 80’s.

He actually designed slips, panties, pajamas and nightgowns for Vanity Fair!

And he’s talking to me. :swoon:

Once reviving myself I obtained the presence of mind to ask him if he’d consent to dishing with us about his work and experience there — and he said… “Yes.” Including the possibility of photos of his designs!

(Two fainting episodes in one day?! Now that’s a damn fine day!)

I don’t get too hysterical, at least not too often, but this is about as close to heaven as I can get without actually being transported back in time to be involved in the making of vintage lingerie — well, it wouldn’t be called vintage then would it? But you know what I mean. *wink*

(Can you tell I’m excited?!)

In order not to sound like a complete idiot, I’ve been going through my notes on Vanity Fair; hence the (very long) piece on the history of Vanity Fair lingerie I just posted. (I know you collectors love it anyway.)

Photo credit: Vanity Fair gown, circa 1970’s, at Heavenly Vintage Lingerie.

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