Identity Crisis

Gracie, aka The Marketing Whore, wrote Stuck In The Middle With You which is about the difficulties of having any sex talk in your website or blog. And boy, don’t I know it.

I’ve worked in the lingerie business, mostly retail and buying, and have a rather large marketing background, but it wasn’t until I began this blog that I discovered the real peculiar aspects of lingerie. Here’s a product that’s most intimate with human bodies, but we dare not discuss that. Here’s a product that’s quite central to human desires and relationships, but we dare not discuss that either. Ridiculous, really.

Lingerie isn’t just about covering or controlling our parts; it’s about individual freedoms, desires, passions and how this all lies hidden beneath the exterior of what we do see everyday. And that’s going to mean there’s a sex component. Not just sex appeal, but lingerie literally touches our sex and our sex lives.

While I’ve long known (accepted) that, it seems to be unknown (unaccepted) in many places. And no where is this more apparent than on the Internet.

For example, if I want to add this blog to a blog directory I need to submit it to the proper category. Instinctively I am drawn to the “Fashion” category. After all, lingerie is apparel, right? But many times I am told they ‘don’t accept sex blogs’ or at the very least that they have accepted my blog but placed it in the ‘sex’ category.

Now I can (and do) accept that. This is after all not your typical fashion blog where I just show an item and say “wow, that’s cute” and give you a shopping link or sales coupon (which at most blogs is also an affiliate code). And the honesty about lingerie’s sexuality and eroticism may be quite shocking for some. (I’m still not entirely sure why, but it is true.)

But on the other hand I do worry about this because those looking for ‘sex blogs’ may be disappointed.

So, readers, what do you think… Is this a fashion blog or a sex blog? And no, you can’t say “Both” or that it’s a “sexy fashion blog” because in directories the options are Fashion OR Sex. So tell me, where you think A Slip of a Girl belongs?

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