Today’s Jems

A gift scan from Silent Porn Star, who knows I’m ever grateful for such things:

“Meet Anita Ekberg, A Jewel From The Jem Box.” is all this page reads.

While Anita is busy painting her toenails, we cannot see all of her lingerie, but I’m pretty sure it’s a peignoir set. There’s enough black nylon and lace to make my heart race, how ’bout you?

Presumably from Jem Magazine, SPS found this in with a score of other vintage magazine pages — pinups, art nudes etc. — along with one heck of a funny note.

This reminded me of the post at The Blushing Ladies’ Journal, where Autumn talks about leaving love notes — when I went there to get the link, I found that Gracie had used me as an example in her When You’re Kinkier Than He Is post!

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