That’s Nube, Not Boob

Hubby’s been on the Internet since 1992; I’ve been online since 1997. This means he’s a bit of an Internet snob.

It’s not just that he’s a technical guy which makes me by comparison some sort of technological idiot, but to him I’m still such a newbie (which, by the way, is what we used to say in ’97; but now the kids say nube). Seems whatever I show him, he’s seen it before. I’m rolling on the floor, he’s yawning. I start reading to him something I find hysterical, and three lines in he’s telling me how that’s so old.

It’s a real drag some days — like today when I start reading to him this conversation between Wellhung and Sweetheart. I am laughing so hard I fear I am ruining the experience for him, but no; the reason he’s not laughing is he’s read it before. The post is two days old, and it’s “old news” to him already? Bah.

Even if the blogger is posting an old joke, it’s still new and damn funny to me. Why does hubby suck the life out of my fun? *sigh*

Given this scenario it’s grand when I can still surprise (or even shock) the unflappable, the Internet-know-it-all, that is my husband.

Earlier today I asked him to scan in some old vintage photos of ladies in lovely lingerie (he does such a good job, he does).

“Sure, but what are they for?” he says as I hand him the stack of vintage papers and photos.

“For my blog, duh.”

“What blog?”

“A Slip of a Girl… the lingerie blog… I like to have pretty pictures there and I’m low on my reserves.”

“You’ve gone through that other stack already?”

“That stack was ages ago.”

“And it’s low already?”

“Yes… I post often. Why are you so surprised?” I say, more than a bit incredulous.

“Well, I think it’s weird that you’ve found so much to say about lingerie — it’s been like a year –“

“Almost two years,” I correct him.

“OK, almost two years and you’re still blogging about lingerie.”

“Is there a question in there? Or some statement which makes it clear why you are so surprised that a lingerie blog would be ‘alive,’ let alone popular?”

“Define popular,” he challenges.

“Babe, a site need not be listed at Fark to be popular you know.”

“Yeah, there’s slashdot, BoingBoing –“

“So old skool,” I laugh. “All the cool kids are at Fleshbot, SensibleErection –“

“OK, I’ve heard of Fleshbot, but “Sensible Erection,” you’re making that one up,” he laughs.

I could have got mad at his taunting… But I’m no first wife :p

“You are such a nube,” I laughed as I left the room in search of a diet pop.

Photos: Top, via Masuimi Max; Middle-Right, vintage Serta ad; Middle-Left, vintage French photo of lady adjusting her stockings; Bottom, Julie Strain (‘cuz I hade to give you a little boob, right?).

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