Hulk-Green With Envy

Sweat Shop Sissy tries on his hose — that’s the photo there on the left. He sent it to me and said I could share it with you, which is right about the time hubby walks in…

“Whatcha doin’?”

“Looking at photos of men in pantyhose.”

There’s no real reaction and he goes to sit at his computer. Minutes pass while I am googling for photos. Then I feel him breathing over my shoulder.

“Why are you looking for more photos of that?”

I want to say, “Why not?” but that’s pretty snarky and doesn’t answer his question — which sounds rather sincere. So instead I say, “I’m going to blog about men wearing hose.”


I can feel his uneasiness. He’s trying to articulate something…

“Does it bother you?” I ask.

“Well, no… Not really…” he says. “Is it cuz you like it?”

“Well, it sort of intrigues me. Especially if it’s an aroused penis…”

He seems confused. So I blunder on…

“I know I’ve mentioned this before…”

“Yeah, well I’m just wondering if it turns you on.”

“A bit. Again, it’s not about the femaleness of the hose or making you wear it,” I say because I know he’s not into that at all — it is the truth, but as the wifey I know I had better be clear about his concerns that I’m going to want to dress him up like a girl. “It’s really just the visual.”

His look says ‘go on,’ so I do.

“Look, you take a mighty aroused penis and you put it behind this delicate looking fabric and it’s a study in contrasts. The cock is like a–a superhero busting through a wall — that’s hot!”

“Like the Hulk?” he says, with a bit of laughter in his voice.


“So, it’s like Hulk Smash!” (He’s really laughing now.)

“Yes — it’s kind of violent, or at least it’s the potential for violence… Will it surge forward and rip the stuff? Not that I’d have the patience to wait for it, nylon’s pretty strong with such a blunt object,” I laugh. “Who can wait? Just imagining it now, well, I’m ready!”

“You are, huh?” he says as he lowers his lips almost to mine… teasing.

“Maybe,” I say coyly.

He grabs for my left breast and his expert right thumb instantly raises my nipple to a peak. “I’ll give you Hulk Smash; get up to the bedroom — Now.”

The last word is said with such force that my submissive insides turn to jelly… to goo… and apparently are leaking out of me because there’s something moist in the crotch of my nylon panties… I jump out of the chair, but he’s not done yet.

He presses me to him, holding me there with his hands on my ass forcing me against his hardness. “I won’t be putting any nylons on, but I think you had better prepare yourself for this hard blunt object to tear something up…” I feel my face flush with heat; I’m too intoxicated to speak.

Then he released his hold on my ass and with a final slap, let me dash upstairs where he’d rip my clothes off.

Now I bet all you girls out there are Hulk-green with envy.

PS I wish they made these in men’s sizes. I’d love to have boxers for him to remind us both to play Hulk Smash more often…

The two middle photos of men in pantyhose from Men In Pantyhose.

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