Hate Me, But Please Love The Dress!

I’m not much of a celeb watcher, and maybe that’s because I don’t have the same tastes when it comes to fashion. Or it could be that I can see the fashion, for the trees skinny celebrities.

In Life & Style Magazine there’s this piece on gowns with photos taken at the Costume Institute Gala.

Now, let me see…

Lopez looks decent, Barton’s gown barely balances out her head (heads always seem unnaturally large on the positively skinny), Liu’s lovely, and Diaz wore stuff from The Official 1980’s Prom Closet (and based on her hair, she danced all night to Frankie Says Relax).

But then we get to the last two…

Zellweger’s gown is described as emphasizing “the actress’ toned shoulders and arms.” Is that what the kids are calling “too flat-busted fpr the frock” these days? It must be. (Great dress, just on the wrong body.)

But most upsetting, is that 68% hated Simpson’s gown. It’s pure Hollywood Golden Era glam, and they don’t give a damn? Yeah, I know her boobs look impossibly, well, Impossible. And she’s not someone I plan on hanging out with, but to not like the dress?! Jeesh.

So I guess either I need to just get over these dumb readers who don’t know fashion — or start voting so that my opinion is included. (Which would mean you would have to vote too, right?)

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