Girdle Love DVD Review

When does a DVD you can’t get through on the first or even the second time warrent a great review? When you’re so aroused you can’t get to the end of it, that’s when!

Weeks ago I received a copy of Bill Turlock’s Lingerie Lovers/Panty Art DVD titled Girdle Love. You know I’m a sucker for open-bottom girdles, so my hopes were very high… And I wasn’t disappointed. (Just writing this, remembering the images, makes me all flushed!)

The DVD’s only sound is that of Bill giving directions to the actors — for many voyeurs with control issues, this may be an added turn-on. However, hubby and I watched with the volume off because it was a bit too distracting for me. Turning the sound off made us feel more like we were peeking through windows… Oooooh we felt naughty!

Tiffany, with her gorgeous hair and surprising tattoos, is lovely. She has a really pretty, natural body and I have to say to all you women out there that when she’s wearing the stockings, straddling her date’s lap you see real curves, real thighs even though she’s a thin model type. I don’t want that to sound negative in anyway — I’m just trying to point out that this is an attractive woman who also isn’t so nipped-tucked-and-sucked that she’s void of any reality. Women and men will find her lovely.

Since LLAPA is all about lingerie, I expected to see some great stuff. And I wasn’t disappointed!

You see Tiffany undress, and dress again, layer by layer so you know exactly what she’s wearing: a pretty bra, an exquisite open-bottom girdle, full-cut panties, stockings with seams and a silky nylon slip. (Yummy!) So when she goes to meet her date, you’re anticipating the removal of her blouse and skirt to once again reveal all those lovely lacy bits… Tantalizing!

Again, I expected such lovely lingerie, but what I wasn’t prepared for was all the foreplay.

I’m no stranger to porn — but this is far more erotic than most adult flicks. There’s the absence of continuous changing camera perspectives and edits, loud music, and continuous couplings. It’s like watching another couple. It’s not the traditional tweak on left breast, cupping of the right, a kiss, and then right to all the in-and-out action — instead, Girdle Love is all about the sensuality of sex.

They kiss, they make-out, they touch and tease, and then they change positions to do more of the same. It leaves you nearly breathless remembering those days of dates and the slow progression of working towards ‘it.’

The connection between anticipation and arousal is sweet agony.

Tiffany’s date slowly removes her clothing… First the blouse. Sitting behind her, he massages her shoulders and back, slowly unbuttons each button, and you’re excited to see what you already knew was there — that silken white slip!

He still sits behind her, she between his legs with her back to him as he massages her breasts. It’s tender. It’s hot. I totally immersed myself in ‘being there.’ I was feeling what Tiffany was feeling; firm hands gliding over the creamy slip rubbing my breasts — the play between steady hands and the flimsy fabric — the kisses on the neck, it all made me want it for myself.

Here’s a clip — click the photo to watch it! (Technology/web conversion and hosting graciously provided by Sex-Kitten.Netthank you!)

The first time watching, this is as far as we made it before I had to get my own release. The clip was just 54 seconds — how long would you last?!

The second time I did my best to wait for more. (We started watching it from the beginning again, but I’ll continue with the story.)

They continue to kiss and fondle and change positions. More foreplay. Eventually, the skirt comes off and Tiffany is in her slip, with the delicious open bottom girdle still hidden beneath it… Would I ever be able to get to see it? I wanted to so badly and now — but then again, I was enjoying every moment of waiting for it…

More caressing. More kissing. Postion changes. More of all the slow building…

It’s terrific torture, really! You want to scream, “Screw already!” But then again, you don’t…

You want to watch more kissing, more caressing, more rubbing, more sucking… Until you have to turn to your partner and say, “Screw me already!”

It’s an ‘explicit’ DVD, but I haven’t made it that far yet… However watching leads to such delights, I imagine one day we will. (I do have to see sex with that bra and girdle on!)

If you love lingerie and sensual erotica with lots of build-up rather than rushing to ‘money shots,’ then you must get a copy of Girdle Love.

I double-dog-dare you to make it to the end of this DVD without getting laid or masturbating. You’ll need the release — and what the hell, you own the DVD so you can watch it again any time you like!

All images are copyright protected, and used here in this review with permission from Bill and LLAPA. (And again, I’d like to thank Sex-Kitten.Net for the help in getting a nice clip of the DVD and for hosting it!)

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