On Getting Pap Smear Reunion Parties

I promise I’ll get back to lingerie soon — really! But this was too good not to share.

Neely – An Ordinary Gal has posted her dream: I have a pap smear dream.

Not only will every woman share her dream but we’d love to see it happen. And why not? As Neely shows us, more has been done with less. Check out her article to see about Canada’s Shouldice Hernia Centre, a country club medical facility which has — wait for it — patient reunions!

I’m floored. I’ve heard of and been to a few cancer patient reunions, and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear of other such activities for other serious illnesses, but hernias?

Meanwhile, we girls get cold stirrups and are so thrilled that we pass the word when our great OBGYN’s office puts socks on them (oh, how they do care!).

The only way our visits are country-club like are when we are so thrilled that the staff warms the speculum that we call all our friends to gloat — and apologize for not being able to get our friends in, but you know how it is… If there’s an opening we’ll let them know…

If I may be so bold to add to Neely’s dream, I would also suggest something for the ceilings. I for one am tired of counting those little holes in ceiling tiles. And I equally hate mobiles place there for our enjoyment — what am I, a baby?!

If men went in once a year for such exams there would be flat screen plasma TVs and they’d hand them a remote.

In Neely’s more serene scene how about fish tanks? No, I’m not saying 200 gallon tanks should be suspended over our heads — but why not have a nice camera feed from the tank in the lobby (or the fish pond outside) and show that on the flat screens above our heads? That would be relaxing.

Then I would most definitely go to reunions.

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