It’s No Secret

It seems that Collectors’ Quest (a site I am huge a fan of) has expanded into more of a social networking site where folks can show off their collections as well allow members to sell and trade items — which is most cool. I will let you know when I join — right now, I’m on a mission to share some information…

In working on this platform it appears they’ve been considering what to do with risque and adult items — including the stuff you all know I like, such as vintage men’s magazines, old postcards of women in (and out of) lingerie etc. As many of you know, these auctions often get pulled from eBay or are harder and harder to find because they hide them in ‘mature’ and because sellers are quitting eBay because they are frustrated by its ambiguous policies.

As noted at Silent Porn Star, the folks at Collectors’ Quest are considering starting a similar site (a new domain) with a membership fee for those of us who collect adult stuff.

At first I was wondering why the fee when the non-adult site seems it won’t have one, but then considering this would mean that members are adult, sort of pre-screened, and that the other aspects of the site should draw collectors and sellers who like to talk about what they have and what they want, I figured it should be worth a fee even to ‘just a buyer’ like moi. I mean if it has lots of active folks, it’s worth it!

I also figure it means we’d see more of the live model lingerie sales pages (like the GlamourGurlz photo shown here — yummy!) as they won’t get tossed. And as you other collectors/buyers know, the policies at eBay regarding vintage lingerie have been mighty confusing if not out-right threatened because they are calling it ‘used underwear’ like those models who purposely sell their worn and un-laundered panties — so a venue like this would mean more sellers, and more options for me!

(And did you know that BDSM materials — even non-fiction books — are forbidden at eBay?)

It shouldn’t be a dirty secret that we collect these things. It would be grand to have a ‘home’ for us — a place to share and talk about these objects free from prudes. I’d be willing to pay a fee to do so. Though as a buyer, not really a seller, I’d like to see a small fee, say $5 a month — or better yet, a year lol

If readers here agree that a site like this would be a place you’d join, please take the time to post a comment here or at SPS’s blog post so that these folks can know we are interested.

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