10% Of Lingerie Poll Makes News Headlines

Ah, more studies confirming facts. Here’s a shocking announcement in underwear news: One in ten British give up sporting sexy lingerie after four weeks and almost a quarter never bother to co-ordinate their smalls at all, preferring the mismatched look.

Wow 10% put less effort into their relationships one month in, and 25% no longer worry about matched sets. Gosh, that’s astonishing.

Where’s the stats on men who after the magical third date (when they ‘get lucky’) wear those ratty sweat pants, the old college gym shorts, who wear undies which have separated from the elastic and have spots (can’t call those tidy whities, now can you?), and who never take you out to a restaurant or a movie again?

It’s called settling in, getting comfortable. On one hand, yes, it’s a shame. But we all do it at some point or another (unless we are those obsessive fear-ridden folks who sleep in makeup for fear of every really being seen).

I bet the American numbers of those settling in and dressing less sexy would be much higher. Then again, we’re only looking at four weeks… But maybe the low number is due to survey respondents not answering honestly. Who wants to admit they slack?

At any rate I do think the alarmist nature and tone of this article is unnecessary. Ten percent is a low percentage and it certainly doesn’t account for a 50% divorce rate or anything significant, does it.

I also seriously doubt one of the ‘findings’:

But for men, the fashion crime is also the ultimate bedroom faux pas. One in five questioned said they’d be turned off if a girl exposed clashing pants and bra.

Get out! British men actually let the forest keep them from shaking the trees?

They can keep a stiff upper lip but lose a stiffy if her bra is black and her panties are red?

If true, that’s amusing… and a little sad.

Wouldn’t the simplest solution just to be to take the non-matching, offending item off?

Heh. That’s good old American ingenuity for ya!

Then again, this whole article is based on a mere 2,000 people.

The poll of 2,000 UK men and women was conducted by High Street lingerie chain La Senza who warned women “not to let standards slip. Our research shows women feel genuinely better about themselves when they wear matching underwear,” said Lisa Bond, spokeswoman for the fashion chain.

Personally, you know I agree that wonderful lingerie makes a woman feel wonderful — but this obsession with ‘matching’ is rather well… oddly peculiar. What’s wrong with mix and match? Perhaps the British like Garanimals more than Americans. Or maybe they like laundry more. Or math more. If you want matching bra and panty sets you need to buy a ratio of 3 or 4 matching panties for every one bra based on bra care experts. (And if their research really shows this, why aren’t there any stats to back it up?)

The best thing about this article was this quote from lingerie curator and historian George Everett:

“Where once lingerie was about conforming to a certain shape, women are now using underwear to express their individuality. What was once about restriction has become a garment of expression, colour and comfort.”

I do think that Everett should note that the power of lingerie has shifted somewhat; that it’s more about women choosing rather than being dictated to. But that’s a whole other subject for another time, so for now I’ll just stick with this article and it’s survey results.

As a footnote to this article they added:

But the survey did reveal many ladies are still clueless. Twenty per cent felt it was OK to wear a visible black bra under a white shirt and 15 per cent still go around sporting a VPL –Visible Panty Line.

It’s at this point that I seriously have to wonder how this poll was taken… How were these questions worded?

I can’t imagine that 20% of women said wearing a black bra under a white shirt was “OK” but rather that they said they had done so — likely to look slutty in a club. (Hey, don’t laugh ladies — you know you’ve done something like that, perhaps unbuttoned so that the bra could be seen or something utterly ‘tacky’ in any other setting. Which brings me, again, to the point of the honesty of the poll replies — do people always admit to these things?)

As for the 15% with visible panty lines how did they gather that info?

Most ladies I’ve met with VPL didn’t even know they had it. They checked when dressing but were unaware that during the day those pants (or the skirt sans slip) has shifted and Voila!

Then again, like whale-tails, some women will sport VPL on purpose — to exploit male fantasies.

We women are evil like that.

…Now that would be an interesting study *wink*

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