Lingerie On The Beach

Wendy Glez‘s Spring/Summer lingerie collection is photographed on the beach. The photos are lovely, artistic images.

Here a model wears a pretty nightgown into the ocean (or lake or whatever).

It’s a sensual image, the idea of wearing your silky gown out onto the beach and into the cool water… But as anyone who has worn clothing into the water will tell you, the idea is far more fun than that clingy feeling of wet heavy clothing. (I hate to be a wet blanket — but hey, that’s exactly where that expression comes from lol)

In this next photo it’s the lingerie which captures me…

I am reminded of the old sun suits — ones to be worn when you want to be seen in the sun, but you are too glamorous to really swim. (You just lounge about drawing attention and occasionally take a dip to cool off.) Once again I say they need to make those again…

But back to the lingerie.

This set is comfortable glamour for lounging about on the sofa or in bed… if it had a more full cut panty to match the bodice it would be sold. (I am soooo fussy.) Or maybe even pants. Oh, why don’t they create lounge wear for entertaining at home any more…

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