It’s Spring Cleaning here at A Slip of a Girl…

I’m (finally) getting brave enough to hit the ‘upgrade’ button to get the newest template features from blogger — I’m terrified with what might occur — and while I do this, I’m moving things around & checking the links etc.

I’m hoping this makes things easier for you all to find the neat things, charming blogs, and wonderful friends I’ve got listed here. It’s like washing the blog windows (feel free to imagine me in my stockings while I polish up some code lol).

This means things over there on the right are going to look new and in some cases be new.

I’m going to re-organize/categorize links (among other things). So, when all is done, if you notice your link is ‘missing’, please look at the new categories carefully before emailing me with your tears. (If however you are really missing, then please do email me and I’ll cry right along with you as I correct it!)

While I am busy puttering with this (and that), please check out this vintage housekeeping blog — it is most cool! (That’s where I found the lovely pinup washing her windows!)

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