Good Housekeeping Tested And Approved Bras And Panties

Do you remember that Good Housekeeping seal that was used to push products so long ago? Well, it’s still alive and well — in fact, they just did a lingerie test, putting affordable panties and bras from stores like Target, K-Mart and Kohls to the test.

“So we brought in 14 bras and 21 panties in an array of styles and put them thru durability and quality testing,” said Kathleen Huddy, the Textiles Director at The Good Housekeeping Institute.

The experts literally put them through the wringer. Good Housekeeping washed and dried them five times, checked them over and measured them for shrinkage.

“The last test that we did was our strength test and this basically measured the durability of the elastic and the construction of the garments,” Huddy said.

So did they hold up or will they let you down?

“The bras really surprised us, they did exceptionally well. All of them passed the test,” Huddy said.

The only fall-out? Some pilling and cups that didn’t quite keep their shape.

“The panties on the other hand, only seven passed. Basically, the elasticity would completely stretch out and be unusable,” Huddy said.

I hope they don’t stick that Good Housekeeping Seal in my panties. :P

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