Full Cut Panty Alert!

Continual is my quest for sexy full-cut panties. Today’s search brings me to GiGi’s Closet and the utterly lovely Rigby & Peller panties.

This first one is the Giselle Deep Brief:

Doesn’t it just make you sigh?

‘Sexy’ doesn’t even seem to cover it. Sheer baby blue fabric covering the cheeks, lace and ribbon leg openings look like garters (the kind you had at prom, remember?)… These are a dream. Lovely!

So lovely that I hate to be super picky, but just in case a designer is here… I’d fall even more for these if they had a higher rise, up to the waist. And how about some detachable garters so I could attach stockings? Oh, and make these in 100 colors!

Next, these Giselle Shorts:

More sheer baby blue mesh with sweet details, these aren’t as full as ‘real full cut’ panties, but in a world of thongs, boy shorts and skimpy hipsters, these are too wonderful not to show off.

Just look at them from the back:

I dare you not to imagine your (or your partner’s) tush in those!

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