Mimi? Me Me!

While intrigued a bit by Damaris designs, I found them a bit too cheeky — however, the Mimi Holliday line, with it’s vintage inspiration and details, are much more to my liking.

The new collection for spring-summer (which sounds silly even to me; lingerie knows no season, only neck and hemlines) is wistfully romantic yet playful.

Soft colors, many with high contrasting trims and lace, make these very pretty and reminiscent of vintage lingerie styles.

Even the animal print is muted, and the ‘hot pink’ is less glaring with the ivory lace.

I do wish they made full-cut panties to match the bras rather than just the now-traditional bikinis and hipster boy pants. Seems if ‘we’ are going back in time, we should also give a nod to full panties, yes?

The bows, on the seat of the panties and on the bra straps, would seem to make them less than practical for tees and shorts (so again I ask, “What’s up with the ‘spring and summer collection’?”) but for the bedroom? Lovely!

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