Who Is Most Crafty? (Drum Roll)

So, just who was The Most Crafty Of Them All?

Sommer is!

Just look at her crafty lingerie goodness!

Not only did she use this opportunity to take a break, but she’s going to put them to good use too:

Thanks for this. I was going bonkers with writing deadlines and projects. It was fun to take a break and get all covered in paint and glue and stuff ;) You know, now that I’m looking at the images again, it seems to be just the thing to store my silky, shiny jammy pants in until next winter. To keep them safe, obviously ;)

And, “Oops, she did it again!”

I know I already entered, but I was so tickled with the baby hat box, I made a mama. I thought you might want a peek just for fun. I had an old standard sized one in the basement that I hated. Way too boring. So, I gave it a makeover. This time black and shades of purple and some saucy zebra trim. Mmmm. This one is big enough to hold all my girly delicates. And in the second photo, if you look, you can see the baby on the shelf above the new one. Thanks for the crafting inspiration! I love a challenge.

So congrats to Sommer — your prizes are on the way!

Thanks to all who entered — we’ll have to do this again sometime!

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