Gifts That Keep Giving

Back at Christmas one of my favorite gifts was from my mother-in-law. She actually listened to my desire to learn to crochet & gave me the coolest gift, Cozy Crochet Kit: Simple Instructions and Tools for 25 Terrific Crochet Projects.

Since then, that would be four months now, I’ve tried to use it but with much shame and embarrassment must admit I cannot get over the confusing instructions. Just again yesterday I stared forlornly at the booklet and felt like a miserable idiot.

I have stacks of supplies, boxes of materials, piles of paper (instructional and inspirational), and still I stare at it all. And it’s not just crochet. It’s sewing (patterns, buttons and fabric galore), materials for altered art projects, and more ‘stuff’ for The Great Someday When I’ll Have Time. Hell, I even have boxes and gizmos to make so I can store my stuff more prettily.

Second only to my lingerie collection (as far as space consumed) is this mass of goodies — but far more annoying to hubby and the rest of the family as this ‘junk’ never gets used.

But I am stuck just starting someplace… Anyplace.

Once again I wish I had a sewing circle of some sort. Some place to talk and dish while creating — no matter how awkward or impaired I feel in my attempts… Someplace that I would also be accepted for whatever sexy or naughty bits I wanted to create, because you know how some folks can be…

So I thought, why not start a circle?

Then I realized that those who share my inclinations for crafty impulses are on the Internet.

But why should I let that stop me?

Stay tuned for all the details!

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