Turning Pages in Vintage Frederick’s of Hollywood Catalogs

Images from vintage Frederick’s of Hollywood catalogs, from Princesslolly’s Vintage Lingerie:

Illustrations nearly always seem more compelling to me in advertising… I would say that seeing a fashion drawn on a not-real-woman makes me less inclined to ‘try’ to look that way. It’s clearly about fashion, design and art, not about comparisons; I’m never going to measure up to a drawing nor even try.

Panties, lovely frilly, full-cut, wonderfully embellished panties!

June Wilkinson, “fabulous star” is featured here:

Such lovely bathing suits! (And do remember when we had ‘sun suits’ for lounging and to be seen, but not for going in the water? Man, those days could return!)

It’s interesting to see all the ways women want to change their bodies too — and men weren’t exempt either ;)

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