Getting By With A Little Help For My Friends

When I began blogging, I relied heavily on the kindness of virtual strangers. Folks who along the way answered way more questions of a newbie than one can imagine having the patience for, and folks who often just knew me from an Internet connection. Since we never had met in real life, I was deeply indebted to them for their kindness. So when I have the chance to repay in some kindness, I am thrilled to do so.

Today, I have the chance to help one Gracie Passette.

Please go visit her blog post at The Marketing Whore titled Putting On My Big-Girl Panties, One Leg At A Time. Read it and respond — either with an email, as directed, or in passing on/re-posting the link yourself. At the very least, make a comment or simply click the links to the authors’ blogs.

The issue at hand is one which does touch on this very blog — not just because of Ms Gracie’s kindness (without which Slip of a Girl would likely not exist) — but because this matter is tied to the matter of lingerie. As mentioned before, lingerie in terms of retail, marketing and even product design seems to suffer from a similar ‘lesser than’ status despite its sales revenues. So support the cause!

For more information on this issue, please also see Sara Winters’ post Adult Business vs. The “Real World” of Business.

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