Reincarnated Panties

We all have those tee shirts, the ones at the bottom of the drawers that we cannot part with, but which we cannot wear…

Maybe it’s stained, has a hole, is too small or whatever — but you just love the graphic or the saying so you can’t cut it up for dusting or donate it. So what can you do?

Logan Billingham had this problem too. Logan had shirt with a kitty air-brushed on it and she couldn’t part with it, but one day…

Late one night I was folding laundry. As I held up my favorite pair of undies, marveling at their keen shape, low waist, and full butt, I realized the true destiny of my kitty shirt. I grabbed my best scissors and went to work making a pattern, and within a few hours I had brand new undies. The kitty face found its place on the butt and there was plenty of material left for the front.

This project is one of the ideas in the book Craftivity: 40 Projects for the DIY Lifestyle by Tsia Carson, the founder of SuperNaturale — which has the full project details, including patterns, posted. (Includes a pattern for boxers too!)

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