"I want to make clothes for the sirens."

So says designer Cari Borja:

Cari was honeymooning in the Land of the Sirens, which extends from Sorrento to the Amalfi Coast on Italy’s Tyrrhenian Sea. Local folklore had it that it was the spot where the Sirens lured sailors to the rocks with their music. As punishment, the sirens were themselves turned into rocks.

It was 2000. Cari had just married her boyfriend from Oakland in Venice. When she made it back home, she started learning to sew — while working toward a Ph.D degree in anthropology at UC Berkeley. She had never been into clothes. This love was brand new.

Her designs are beautiful, unique and affordable, despite being hand made.

Cari says her next collection is made of re-purposed and vintage fabrics because people like history in clothing. Amen!

I loved this quote: “My clothes are about what happens when you move (in them).”

I wish lingerie makers would think and design in such a way.

You can find more of her fashions at her website, CariBorja.com.

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