Revenge of The Swap Thing

I feel like a complete idiot.

I participated in my first ever swap event — this one for vintage buttons. I was so excited, but my inexperience shows…

The deal was to send my swap buddy 12 vintage buttons. That’s a simple directive, really; but once I had my buttons containers in front of me I panicked!

Does she want 12 individual buttons with the most variety possible?
Does she sew and therefore want buttons which she can use? In this case, I thought, matching or at least coordinating buttons would be best. But what would my swap partner want?

I sat and I looked and I pondered all the possibilities… Including that I wanted to send really cool buttons — not just so that I’d look cool, but so that she’d be excited to see them.

I sat and looked and fretted so long that now the deadline was near. I hadn’t selected my buttons, nor had I any idea about how to present the buttons. (While clearly stated as optional, I did so want to be one of the cool kids and send them off in a cute and creative way.) Then the kids, who have built in triggers to act completely stupid just when you want a little alone time to work on a project, all went off in unison taking away any time for me to do anything… Before I knew it, I was faced with the deadline and told myself to do my best in button selection and send them on time, as agreed. If my partner was anything like me, she’s just be tickled to see new buttons.

So I did.

I sent 2 antique pearlized white buttons (dainty and as cute as can be); a pair of large vintage buttons, in soft pinky-mauve shade, with 5 rhinestones in the center; and 8 vintage or retro buttons which were covered in cloth in a mod pattern with shades of grey. Plus one vintage metal button cover (because I like a baker’s dozen and I thought this would make up for what I knew was less than stellar presentation).

Then my package arrived on Saturday… My husband yelled to me, “Your button swap arrived, hun!” I ran to meet him at the door and as soon as I saw a box my heart went ‘thunk’ — a box meant she had done something special, and sweet… And my swap would look pretty small in comparison.


I sat and looked at the box for a few minutes and hubby asked, “Well, aren’t you going to open it?” I sighed and told him of my fears, how I likely had done everything wrong and how my partner was going to be so disappointed with me. I felt just awful. But he told me to remember the buttons, that my swap partner wanted me to enjoy what she had done, and to get over myself open up the box already — so I did.

Upon opening the box I found all these goodies!

A cute kitten vintage planter which held a pretty fabric square tied with a pretty satin ribbon (which held the buttons, of course), a vintage cook book, and a note on a local postcard from my swap partner. It was so cute I felt even worse… “Well, let’s see the buttons,” hubby prompted.

I untied the ribbon and there were 12 cool buttons!

Of course, she had sent 12 individual buttons… Further proof that I was wrong. :sigh:

So here’s my public apology to my swap partner:

Dear Roxanne,

Your package arrived and I am just thrilled!

Everything was so cute it made me feel completely inadequate as a swap participant. Being a newbie, I just didn’t think to ask about such things as individual buttons vs. matching buttons for use. That sent me into such a tizzy I didn’t have a very good swap presentation. Overall I was ill-prepared for being a good swap partner and beg your understanding and forgiveness.

To future swap partners I also declare that I will be a better swap partner in the future.

Slip of a Girl

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